A slave’s Valentine

“Please, teach me about love, My Lady.”
It was a odd thing for him to say, bound as he was, face down to the floor.
He waited, as she considered.
Finally, she answered. “Since this is Valentine’s Day and since you have been a good boy, I will help you to explore this feeling. Because, it is there inside of you waiting to be found. I want you to find a spot on the wall and look at it. Concentrate on the sound of my voice. I know how my voice sooths you and lulls you.
You have no choice but to listen to me.
You can not resist.
Your will is draining away.
You are becoming more and more relaxed with each breath.
When I count to five, you will be deeply hypnotized.
Deeper than you have ever been.
1. Relaxed and comfortable, so ready to go deep.
2. A thousand times more relaxed than before.
3. So relaxed you can barely keep your eyes open.
4. Eyes beginning to close, feeling so good.
5. Eyes closed and under my spell.
Good, my pet. I see that you like being under my spell, pet. Your cock is very alert isn’t it?” “Yes, My Lady.” he replied dreamily. “I want you to tell me how you feel, pet. What feelings are in your mind?” “Lust, My Lady, and submission to you.” “Alright.” she said, “the lust is obvious, but let’s dig deeper.
Concentrate on your submission. What feelings combine to make you submissive?”
“I feel the desire to please You, My Lady. I feel the need to give totally of myself, to You.”
“And what do you want from me in return, pet?” she asked quietly.
“I want You to control me, ahh.”
“What are you thinking, pet?”
“You are giving me a great gift, My Lady. Your control is Your gift, perhaps Your greatest. You are giving of Yourself also.”
“Ahh, very good my pet. I think you are beginning to see the truth. You are almost there. What do you feel now?”
“I feel that love is giving that which you can give, without reservation, without holding back. For me it is my submission. For You it is Your control. It is in this giving that we derive our sense of belonging and our pleasure. We are balanced you and I. In that balance we find love. Not mundane love. Not the mere physical attraction of one person to another, but something more. Something lasting. It is the love that is found in finding one’s true self. It is what is left when you have conquered selfishness.”
“Good pet, very good. We will explore this more next time, but for now it is time for you to wake.
When I count to five again you will awake, refreshed and remembering the feelings I have created in you.
“Thank You, My Lady. This is the best Valentine’s gift I have ever received.”, he said with sincerity.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet pet.” she replied in kind.
“And if you continue to be a good boy, I will soon untie you.”
© greg

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