Either-Or by Lady Inamorata

There may come a time that you find yourself immersed. Completely taken. Enthralled. Drowning in it.. and loving it. The rest of your life seems to fade into the background. Things become less important and your fascination takes on a bright and powerful light, enticing you to go deeper and immerse yourself completely, avoiding nearly everything else. Sound familiar? At some point, the light dims a bit and you find yourself amidst a pile of work, tasks and whatever else had gotten laid aside while you were so deeply involved. And that is when reality hits. And when it hits, it usually hits hard. You have allowed yourself to get so caught up, you simply are now overwhelmed with what didn’t get done! “Oh my – what have I done? I spent so much time in this, I let everything else go. I have to quit this. Just quit it and stop. The only way for me to get done what has to be done and take care of all of this is to quit”. You feel desperate and guilty. This is NOT, however, the moment to make the ALL or NOTHING decision. But, the logical way out of it – to get back to “normal” is to let go of the fascination. Too much time has been wasted on it, yes?

Well, hold on for a moment. Take a deep breath and put things in perspective. Is this life or death? Has this been detrimental?

Ask yourself these questions:
Have you learned something while you immersed yourself in this?
Have you experienced something good/positive?
Did you learn something about yourself and others?
Did, at any point during that time spent, you feel a sense of contentment, peace, better understanding or fulfillment?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above – you should not – ABSOLUTELY, without a doubt – should not extinguish the flame that has added to your life in a positive manner. Hypnosis – in this case – was good for you and denying yourself of it now would be a mistake. It is a common misconception that you “fix” things by disassociation. Putting this newly found fascination “aside” or “away” might not be a good solution. You may end up in a month’s time fully immersed in it again. You may begin to develop a resentment toward the other aspects of your life that are “more important” – which may build over time and manifest itself in different negative ways.

The solution, then, would be to find a sensible balance. Not leave it completely, but to find a way to incorporate your newfound interest into your routine. Allow yourself to schedule some time to continue to pursue your interest, but make the decision to not get so completely immersed in it that you allow other important things to fall to the wayside. You may need to reorganize some things, you may need a little self-discipline and you may even need to talk to others about how to do it – – but it can be done. If this has been a positive aspect in your life for a brief period of time, don’t snuff it out.

We find time for what is priority. We make the time to pursue it, explore it, spend time with it and in it. Your hypnosis fascination should be no different. Everything is good in moderation. It takes time to find this balance. It is work to do it in moderation and not allow yourself to get swept up in it. There are days when you will be able to fully immerse yourself in it and completely indulge. Those days are wonderful days but they may be few and far between. Those rare instances when you can completely immerse yourself and indulge – relish in them and cherish them! For the most part, that’s not reality though – is it? For the most part, within any given day, though, you too can feed this part of you. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes. Sometimes that is all it takes to feed that part and keep it alive and healthy. If you’ve come to that point where you have “awoken” to find yourself feeling overwhelmed with what has fallen to the side, before you cut yourself off completely – stop. There may be room for moderation. Don’t extinguish this from your life. Don’t discount the good it can do and will do in other areas of your life. Find the balance to keep it alive and burning inside you.

© Inamorata

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