Erotic hypnosis vs hypnotic submission by various

Erotic hypnosis – Hypnosis is not in itself necessarily erotic (eg quitting smoking is erotic?). It is erotic either in minds of the hypnotist and/or subject, and will have a sexual overtone (or undertone, depending on the subtlety). Some may view this as submission, and of course it is to some degree, as you are voluntarily handing over some degree of control.
Hypnotic submission – Submission is when the subject seeks to hand over a higher level of control to one who is more dominant at that time. As this is also consciously or unconsciously voluntary, it suggests a desire in the subject to receive a higher degree of guidance or instruction. In summary (as I see it) the difference is one of degree. Although the latter does not say *erotic*, it will almost without exception be so. – richard

Erotic hypnotism is the use of trance-inducing techniques as an aphrodisiac. The hypnotist exercises his/her influence over the subject by vocal and visual stimuli. The subject surrenders to the will of the hypnotist, for the duration of the session. The anticipation of succumbing to the will of the hypnotist, of being “at the mercy” of his/her attractive and dominant personality, causes a sexual response in the subject, which is enhanced by the intense concentration which is typical of hypnosis. The D/s relationship is based on the fact that some people desire to control and others desire to be controlled. It’s a natural tendency. You either have it or you don’t. In a D/s relationship, the sub must be trained to serve the Dom/me as He/She requires and this means that the Dom/me must be able to access the sub’s mind and change it, mold it, reform it. Hypnotism is a well-documented technique for behavior modification (it is often used to break the smoking habit, for example) and is thus an ideal way for a Dom/me to shape an ongoing D/s relationship; the Dom/me does the shaping and the sub is shaped. What protects the sub is that research has shown that nobody under hypnosis can be forced to do something against his/her own nature or moral code. -cylic

Erotic hypnosis? Hypnotic submission? Almost the same thing, really. It’s the light, the dark and a little deepening grey area in between. Erotic hypnosis can be as sweet and simple as entrancing your lover to increase sensitivity or prolong arousal, or maybe bring to life a fantasy of love under a waterfall. Nothing the least dominant or submissive about it, just the uses of concentration and imagination to enhance pleasure. But Erotic hypnosis also means the eroticism of being hypnotized. And here’s where we step into the grey area. Because the erotic fascination with hypnosis is the fascination with passivity, with having someone else in control. And that slides easily into the shadows of dominance and submission, when the honeyed words of relaxation turn to the sharper flavored “You will obey,” and the floodgates of submissive desire burst open. You’re made helpless with a word, compelled to Her every whim, to feel pain, pleasure and emotion at Her command. It’s the dream you can’t awaken from, a closer, more intimate control than mere physical bondage. It’s your mind in chains. It’s where you want to be, for no hypnosis, light or dark, works without the consent of the subject. – elrichca

In my opinion, Erotic Hypnosis is the use of eroticism, often tailored to each subject, by the Hypnotist to bait the hook of hypnosis to gain the subject’s trust by an appearance of commonality and the implied promise of for many the ultimate pleasure of desirous sex. The hypnotist uses Hypnotic Eroticism to gain permissible trust and entry past the subject’s initial defenses from the subject. Hypnosis, by it’s definition is a D/s relationship, there are no equals, The subject simply is conditioned to willingly accept and bend to the will of the hypnotist (under most circumstances). At the Hypnotist’s suggestion, the subject’s acceptance of certain hypnotic eroticism can further hypnotist’s control over the subject. -mac

For me, erotic hypnosis is any form of hypnosis that stirs my emotions in a sexual way. The content need not be overtly sexual. The hypnotist, with my preference being a female hypnotist, can stir feelings of arousal by the sound of her voice. The tone, the way certain words are stressed, whispering, etc. The confusing part for me is whether I’m being aroused by the fact that I’m being hypnotised or by the sexual undertones of the voice. I’ve heard and read in various “hypno groups” that it is the act of actually going under or being tranced that arouses the “hypno-fetishist”. This to me is hypnotic submission. The person being hypnotised is aroused by the mere fact that someone is taking control. This is in line with most forms of D/s erotica – “I get turned on by giving up control. Someone take the reins please”. – goose

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