The Feeling Wheel

We are all having feelings right now. So much is going on personally with ourselves, our families, work, socializing.. you name it, it is happening to a majority of the country.. the world! To each of us individually, collectively. And it’s taking a toll – it has been taking a toll. We may have had high hopes for 2021 but it really is starting to feel like 2021 is just a continuation of 2020.

Your feelings are valid. And the best way to move past them is to go through them. Validate those feelings. Share them with someone who will listen. Journal them. Paint them. Draw them. Express them in some way.

Recently, I started listening to a podcast, The Challengers. Normally, I am not a podcast person. But this one I tried. And with each episode, I can relate to something within it. And, yes, I am getting something out of it. The Challengers also has a discussion group and someone posted this:

Grab it, copy it, print a copy and email it to your friends. We all need something right now. Maybe it’s a someone. Maybe it’s something you can do for yourself or maybe you could be of help to someone else.

I am here. I feel your feels. I am here if you want to reach out. No judgement. I will listen. Send me a message on twitter or an an email ( You are not alone. You do not have to go through this alone.


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