#MomentOfTrance – 6

Blurry, hazy shimmering lights.
Darting this way and that, here and there.
Ease into it.
Once you get a sense of its rhythm, the image becomes easier to watch.
It’s like something out of a dream!
An image you could easily fall into.
So do that. Fall for me as you watch the image.
Just a light, blissful trance.
Everything goes just a little bit fuzzy.
Enjoy this.
This now.
And this now.
Watching the beautiful, magical lights.
And awaken naturally when you choose.

Here it is.. your #MomentOfTrance


  1. This one reminds me of one of those fiberoptic (sp?) Clocks from the 80s my granny had. I would sit and stare at it all day as a kid!

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