You cannot google experience to gain experience; experience has to be experienced.

When a hypnotist asks you if you have hypnotic experience – you can only say ‘yes’ to that question if you have had sessions before. You should also be able to answer the question: how much experience have you had.. 1-5 sessions? 5-10 sessions? more than 10 sessions? This is valuable information for the hypnotist. As well as whether your experiences were good ones, not so good or not good at all..

And at some point the hypnotist asks if you have a goal you are working on, something you would like to experience while under or whether you find it a stress reliever and you engage in sessions just for fun or fantasy.

If you are working towards a goal, i.e., you ultimately want to be a collared hypnotic submissive, you have anxiety and you wish to use hypnosis as a coping strategy, etc. There may come a point in the Q&A part of your discussion that the hypnotist is willing to work with you for 6 sessions, 10 sessions or more. Do not dismiss his/her plan in a kneejerk reaction. Instead, you may want to pause and think about it.

In these times of high internet usage there are many things that you can one-click and get instant gratification. Yet there are many things in life that takes effort and work. Experience required. Experience gained.

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