chick day 3.16.21

Each year we add to our flock.. We are as sustainable as we can be on less than an acre. We grow what we eat and preserve what we can. We raise chickens; layers and broilers.

Some years are better than others. Last year a late frost killed the blooms on all of our fruit trees and early spring brought so much rain, the mulberries ended up on the ground rather than staying on the branches to ripen. We obviously cannot control the weather but with each passing year we gain experience. What worked, what did not.

Each year also brings new chicks. My favorite time is when they are tiny peeps. Even the most squawking peep I can put to sleep against my chest.. they feel safe and warm and can hear the beating of my heart.

This year there are Buff Orpingtons, Americanas, Cornish Cross Broilers and Golden Comets. Like organic eggs? Why not get yourself a chick or two? Usually they can be sexed to 95% accuracy that you will get a layer and not a rooster. You do not need a rooster for your chickens to lay eggs. Our chicks are free-range, grass fed and we get chick and chicken feed from a local organic mill.

We believe that people are better off living sustainably rather than relying on grocery stores. Throughout the spring/summer season I will post updates on how our garden is faring as well as how the peeps are growing.

When I was first a witch, I observed the Wheel of the Year. When we started growing our own food, I participated in the Wheel of the Year.. and that made all the difference.

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