The Hypno Gag by van b. (erotica)

Jack had come to think nothing could effect him. Most of his life he had looked for different experiences. He had feelings of submission, which he explored, but it still left him wanting to try more. A friend suggested a website on hypnotism and domination. Jack was willing to try anything, just to fill the need inside of him. He had hoped for a stronger sense of helplessness. He wanted to feel the loss of control, more know that some one else controlled the feelings he had.

Jack tried coming to the webpages with an open mind. He decided to look over the inductions. This was the first time he had heard the word ‘inductions’, and it piqued his interest. Trying a few of the sample inductions, Jack found different feelings coming to him. He wanted to try more, so he joined the website’s member area. Inside there were many more inductions. After trying just a few, he was hooked. These inductions stirred something deep inside him.

Jack felt his natural submission coming out. He felt helpless, as he would get caught in the induction. He really didn’t believe it, but he felt his face muscles relax, as well as his legs and arms. Even though having to read some of the inductions, he felt his eyelids grow heavier and his breath slowed. This was the type of submission he was looking for. Someone to control his thoughts and feelings. Having a large interest in bondage, he wondered if the viewer could be made to think he was in bondage.

Trying an induction called ‘Bound and Transfixed’ he got close to the feeling he was looking for. The induction made his arms feel heavy. He was aware enough to try to move them, but couldn’t. Jack loved the feeling coming back to it again and again. He even tried holding his arms down by the legs of the chair. He tried to move his arms again, but still could not. Jack loved the struggle trying to bring his hands forward, but he couldn’t until the induction finished. ‘Wow,’ he thought ‘someone could really get a person worked up.’ He was temped to try putting his hands behind back and try the induction, but something didn’t feel right. He felt he needed to be told to put his hands behind his back in the induction.

Jack felt a need growing, that of being submissive. It really didn’t feel submissive, if it was his choice. He had yet to talk to the lady that ran the website. Several ideas for inductions were coming to his head. These few ideas might be the key that opens up his true submissive side. While looking at some pictures, Jack noticed that a man had his mouth open, as if he was wearing a ball gag. This got Jack thinking, ‘I wonder if one of these inductions could be used to make a person feel like they were wearing a ball gag.

Summoning up his courage, he wrote the owner of the website. The owner was a woman, who went by the name Mistress. Jack told her he had been greatly effected by the inductions. Mistress thanked Jack for his kind words. Feeling bolder, Jack asked ‘Have you ever made an induction that makes a person feel like they were wearing a ball gag?’

The Mistress thought and said, “I might have one, but I need to get to know you better. Why should I let you try it? It is a very special induction; I keep for very special subjects.”

Jack was unsure what to say, so just spoke honestly, “Mistress, I have had some very strong reactions to different inductions. I have a great interest in bondage. To know you would have an induction that gives the viewer any bondage feelings would be very overwhelming. Knowing that, I would beg to try it. Having you control access to the induction, would I hope show my willingness to submit deeper.”

The Mistress half smiled, “You are piquing my interest. I would want to know what effects it would have on you. You must write me after, and tell me every little detail and every feeling you had.”

Jack was very happy, maybe he might finally know true submission. What Jack didn’t know was Mistress wanted a true test of his submission. She included a suggestion in the induction, that he could not remove the gag until he e-mailed her. She would add several other suggestions and make it a real test. The Mistress told Jack, “I would have the induction done in one week. I plan to keep a very tight control on this induction. I still have yet to decide if you can view it. Know this, I want to know how this will increase your submissive to me, at each and every step. So to start you will write how and why, this would be submissive for the male.”

Jack answered, “I will do my best Mistress. Just knowing you have this much control, helps bring out my submissiveness each day.”

The End

© van b

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