Spring Violet Honey

Being a witch and an aspiring herbalist, I love using flowers and herbs to make old-fashioned, traditional medicinals..
My gardens are still being established but wild violets come up every year. My daughter and I collected some violets in a jelly jar. When the jar was full we saturated those violets with honey, let it settle a bit and added more honey to cover any purple peeking out. Next, we capped the jar and stored it in my closed (dark) herb cupboard. Turn the jar once a day for 3-4 days and it is ready! Easy and tasty!
Violet and honey are both helpful for soothing cough and scratchy throats. Violets are known to be good for helping those with respiratory ailments. They also help to gently support the immune system during healing.
I use the same method for making dandelion honey, lemon balm honey and ginger root honey.

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