Blank Canvas (erotica)

Steven pulled up to the house. He was feeling a little anxious. The fresh college graduate had accepted a position for a small, out of home business to write code for websites. From what he had seen, he loved his new town – Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The town only had about 20,000 people and for July, he felt that the 75 degree weather was a nice change from the plus-100 degree heat of Tempe, Arizona.

Steven was very proficient at computer programming, but he didn’t want to work for a big company like Microsoft and the city boy wanted to find an opportunity in a smaller community. He thought it would be interesting to learn more about country life and ‘roughing it’. When this opportunity came up, he just couldn’t let it pass him by, even if he was required to live on site. At least they were providing him with room and board.

Steven approached the door, looking at his watch, smiling to himself as he was about five minutes early. He always tried to arrive right on time to everything, but his first day jitters made him even more punctual than normal. He rang the doorbell and smiled warmly when his new boss opened the door. Steven had met Jessica twice before, both times at Arizona State when he was interviewing for the position. Jessica was in her mid-twenties and a very attractive woman. She and Steven had made an immediate connection during their first interview when they strayed from their focus and spoke about their mutual Irish heritage.

Jessica’s sapphire eyes sparkled slightly as a lock of her strawberry blonde hair fell across her face. She spoke with a slight Southern accent. “Hello Steven, I’m glad you made it safely and on time. We’ll take care of your things later. Come in, I want to give you the grand tour.” She laughed softly as she opened the storm door to let Steven in.

Steven thanked her as he stepped in and nodded, impressed by Jessica’s home. It was impeccably neat and evidence of her good taste was left in every detail of the house. She led Steven to the back of the house showing off her bedroom and then Steven’s adjacent bedroom. Steven’s room was quite simple, and the least decorated of all the rooms. The plain white walls were matched by the full size bed with a white comforter. There was a computer desk in a corner, a dresser and a small book case with a clock radio and one book on the shelf. Steven figured that Jessica had left the room this way so that it could be a blank canvas.

At first, Steven thought it was strange that a single woman would welcome a relative stranger into her home, particularly as an employee. But he was immediately charmed by her and felt comfortable from the moment they first met. He knew that he would easily be able to settle into this home and hoped that he would live up to Jessica’s expectations with his work.

After the tour of the house, Steven brought his things in and began to settle into his room. As he was placing his clothes in his dresser, he noticed Jessica entered and turned on his clock radio. The music was soothing and she smiled as she said “This is the only station that works on this stupid thing, but at least it’s good music. Nice and relaxing, don’t you think?”

Steven listened for a second, closing his eyes. “Very much so” he said.

Jessica smiled as she set a candle down next to the radio and lit it. “Steven, can you come over here. I find that this music helps me focus, particularly when looking into the flame of a candle. Can you try that out for me? I just want to know if it works for others as well.” Steven nodded and walked closer to the bookcase.

Standing next to her, he started looking into the candle as Jessica continued to speak. “Watch as the candle flickers, Steven. It almost dances to the music. It’s very relaxing, isn’t it?” Steven nodded and Jessica continued. “I want you to feel at home here Steven and the more you are able to relax the more at home you will feel. But I also want you to remember that this is my home, so I need you to work very hard for me. The more you find yourself relaxing, the more at home you feel. And the more at home you feel, the harder you will want to work for me.” Jessica started to rub Steven’s shoulders as she asked if he understood.

Steven had never felt more relaxed. He had never felt better than he did at this moment. He felt at peace and loved this relaxed feeling and Jessica continued to whisper into his ear. Steven began to feel more grateful for Jessica for welcoming him into her home. He started notice as everything around him blurred, except for the candle’s flame and the sounds of her voice. And soon, even the flame became blurry and her voice started to muffle.

When Steven woke up the next morning he did not remember going to bed. He remembered the music and he remembered looking into the candle and then the next thing he knew, he was waking up and it was the next morning. He got out of bed, looked around and saw next to his computer there was a note from Jessica. Steven smiled as he read the note and turned the computer on. He found the specifications file for his first project. As he read the document he felt confident that he would be able to fit all the specifications into an easy to use website. He turned on the radio and smiled at the relaxing music and immediately got to work.

Steven had never been so motivated to work. He kept thinking that he needed to show Jessica how grateful he was for this opportunity and he wanted his work to be good. He took his first break after working for six straight hours and he could have sworn he heard Jessica’s voice in his head. It was as if she was asking him if he was working hard, but when he looked around the house, Jessica was nowhere to be found. Steven made his break short and continued to work. A few hours later, Steven heard a knock on his bedroom door and Jessica was standing there. She told him to save his work and join her for dinner.

The round dining room table was set nicely with a candle lit in the center. Jessica had brought home some Chinese food – sweet and sour chicken and steamed rice. It was a simple meal, but one of Steven’s favorites. After they finished eating, Jessica turned on her radio. The same music was playing that Steven had listened to all day. Steven found himself relaxing and watching the candle as it danced. Consciously, he didn’t even notice that Jessica was whispering instructions to him as he became more and more deeply entranced by the flickering candle and the soft music.

This routine continued for months. Jessica was very meticulous in her instructions, first encouraging Steven to work hard out of appreciation for the opportunity she had given him. Eventually, she started suggesting that he work hard because his hard work pleased her and pleasing Jessica gave Steven pleasure. She suggested that pleasure made him want to work harder, creating a cycle that hard work would offer pleasure and that pleasure would encourage more and more hard work. Jessica would watch day after day as Steven would slave away at website designs from clients Jessica had solicited. She had modified all of the specifications to include subliminal messages in the sites, training the subconsciousness of all those who visited the sites.

Jessica had devised the perfect plan for her comfort. She found a smart, capable and motivated young man to work for her and in turn bring in a comfortable income. By having him live with her, she had taken care of his needs and through her gradual training, she had persuaded him to work hard, solely because it pleased her.

However, there were two things that Jessica didn’t count on. First of all, she had become attracted to Steven and wanted more than just his programming talents to benefit her. She had grown to appreciate his insights when they spoke casually during meals and she wanted to extend his motivation to more than just working hard for her. But what she really didn’t count on was how much she enjoyed the control she had over Steven’s mind.

Gradually, Jessica adjusted Steven’s suggestions. She started to persuade him that obedience to her was what pleased her, and her pleasure in turn would please Steven. He would continue to work hard because Jessica asked him to and that the only way for him to feel this relaxed pleasure was to obey her. He found that he felt an aching desire to obey anything she asked of him.

Jessica insisted that Steven begin to address her as Mistress and that every time that he referred to her as Mistress a wave of pleasure would flow through him. Jessica also asked Steven to only wear white clothes. She felt that the white room and his white clothes were appropriate, because she had turned this intellectual into a blank canvas for her creations.

Steven’s life had changed. He obeyed his Mistress’ orders. He wore his Mistress’ uniform. He had truly become a slave to his Mistress’ whims. He was driven by pleasing his Mistress. Steven had wanted a life different from what he had known. It may not have been what he envisioned, but Steven got his wish.

© Nick Burrows

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