Live in the Moment

It’s a phrase that is tossed about and thrown around so much so that I believe it has lost the true meaning.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, are you living in the moment?

It basically boils down to where your attention is paid – your full attention.

Do you walk outside and simply get in your car to get where you want to go OR do you walk outside, take a deep breath and notice how the world is changing before your eyes? Do you take a moment to walk over to a tree and thank it for what it provides?

Living in the moment, for as long as the moment lasts.

It’s the difference between enjoying and savoring a meal, each bite is a moment. Or eating a meal because it’s dinnertime, something you have to do before moving to the next thing.

This is not easy. To live in the moment. Moments are fleeting. Yet I challenge you to choose something every day that you will be all in, find a moment and live it for as long as it lasts.

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