My 21/90 meditative program is not for the faint of heart.  It takes commitment, time and effort on your part and not many are willing to put forth that sort of effort.  People, generally, like instantaneous gratification, quick fix or doing as little as necessary but still feeling entitled.  I get that, I don’t like it, but I get it.  I realize it may be only the rare individual who will be interested in my 21/90 meditative program.

First you should choose 21 days or 90 days (consecutive days). This decision should not be made lightly especially due to the fact that 21 days will create the habit but 90 days will integrate it to your lifestyle.

In the coming weeks, I will post an mp3 meditative file here for those taking my 21/90 course.  Whatever course you are taking, I expect you will download the file and you will listen to it daily for a week.

No matter when you start, you will continue through to 21 consecutive days or 90 consecutive days.  Regardless, there will be plenty of files posted that will change weekly.  Whether you start on a Thursday or Sunday, it will not matter.  Listen to the file posted for a week before moving on to the next file.

In conjunction with your listening, you are expected to keep a journal and write in it daily.  It matters not what you write – a few words, a phrase, something you saw while meditating, something you felt. The journal is for you, so at the end of 21 days or 90 days, you can look back on it and reflect.

If you wish to share something with me during your course (be it 21 or 90) you may do so. The best way to reach me is through twitter and DM your questions, comments and/or concerns. You may also email me at LadyInamorata@msn.com. I will get back to you ASAP.

Yes, this spill over into your daily life; that is the goal, in fact, and in regards to goals being noticed – others around you may notice changes in you even before you do. However, being the compassionate, educated and experienced woman that I am – it will only be in the very best ways.

Make no mistake, these will be meditative files – not hypnotic per se – and not fetish, kink or erotic.  That is not the goal with these files. This is not a precursor to becoming a devotee either.  This is independent of any other thing on my site.

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