about site

My site is a blog – Do enjoy reading erotica, posts, free downloads and free mp3s.  First and foremost, my site has expanded from my blog.

If you are a hypno-erotic author and would like to be published on a platform through which you can be seen by a larger audience, I will host your story on my blog.  Email LadyInamorata@msn.com with your story.  You, of course, will retain copyright and I will also link back to your email address, twitter account and/or instagram.

My blog is for those curious, novice and interested in hypnosis (and more).

The Candidates page is for those who are more than curious about hypnosis.  If you consider yourself a hypnosis lover, perhaps would like to do more than listen/watch hypnotic mp3s and videos – then you may be a candidate on your way to becoming a potential devotee of mine.

Likewise, if you have a goal you wish to achieve and believe my methods of hypnosis may help you in attaining that goal, I may be able to help.  As a client, I will work with you on that level.

You do not have to be a potential candidate or a potential devotee to enjoy my site.  Enjoy there is all to see and to read.  Do leave comments, suggestions and/or ideas.  I love hearing from you!  If you have questions, leave them in the comment section or email me personally if it is a delicate issue you do not wish the public to see.

Remember, here you are learning more about me.  I still do not know you.  Whether you consider yourself a potential client, candidate or potential devotee, come out of the shadows and email a proper introduction to me – tell me a little about yourself, your background, location and your proclivities.

I am happy you are here and hope you enjoy the site!