I am interested in exploring the most intricate and erotic organ in your body…your mind. 

The body cannot feel or experience anything until it is processed by the mind first.  So, I want you to open your mind to me. I like to delve a little deeper… sometimes a lot deeper.  I am fascinated and passionate about the mind’s power and the mind-body-spiritual-sexual connection.  It is why I do what I do.  I know I am, as you are, part of the cosmos; made up of molecules and atoms.

“We are made of star stuff” – Carl Sagan 

No matter your walk of life, geography, profession or belief system – we are all share the same condition. We are part of the human collective. 

How you react and what ignites your passion is unique to you and I want to get inside of your mind so that I might help you realize this, come to terms with it and point you in the right direction.  I want to show you the amazing, wondrous person you are and show you how to excel. 

Some of you may know me already or know of the reputation that may precede me.  I came into erotic hypnosis through BDSM in or around 1996. There were only a handful of other hypnodommes on the web and we, at the time, were the only ones combining hypnosis and D/s.

Fast forward to early 2018; I experienced something that would change my life forever. A near-death experience will do that for you. This shifted my entire paradigm so that now, on most days, I am afforded the time to engage and avail myself to guide you.

Therefore, I summon to me all those who need me shall find me. And for those that do, I promise you this – you will be safe.   

I am more passionate than ever to move you, touch you, slip subtly into your mind so that I might coax your truth from you. You may confide in me. Tell me your secrets, your expectations, your goals.

I have a youtube channel and an instagram page.  My twitter feed is a safe space and all who follow me there are welcomed into my tribe.✨

Reach out. You are not alone. I am here.