About me


Greetings and welcome new friends and old.

I hope you’re here to become acquainted or reacquainted.

I’m Inamorata.  I am a nature lover, moon phase follower and fire scryer.  Truth be told, I am just a witch.  I have always been intrigued with the mind and its potential.  I have practiced out-of-body experiences and astral projection since my teenage years.  I am creative, passionate and have an insatiable craving to be inside the minds of others.  I am most comfortable as the dominant in a relationship and this where my experience with  hypnosis, guided meditation and Reiki are most enjoyable for me… and my partner.  I like to guide.  I like to be in control.

I want to literally get inside of your mind and explore.  From the inside out transforming you, enhancing you and making the experience so sensual and tantalizing that you do not want to come up for air.  That I will take residence inside of your mind and you will hear me in your dreams.

I have returned after a sabbatical and personally invite you to become a fan, follower or devotee.  I am back to create new hypnotic and meditative files.  I have returned to chat, take calls and resume sessions with those who are, too, open minded.

In order not to be misunderstood, misquoted or misinterpreted…

You may be finding me and thinking to yourself – what? meditation? hypnosis? zen? WTF?  and I was just looking for a good time!

If that’s the case, keep looking.

This is a good time but it is oh so much more than that for me – and for those who work with me.

50 shades?  Try 150.  Blur those lines.  Mix it up.  Get so far inside and outside of your head that everything is blurry.  Shake it up.  And then wake the fuck up.

You’re distracted by the simple and blind to what is right in front of you.  Open your eyes.  Open your mind.  If I have to get inside of your head and manipulate things in order for you to be awake and aware, that is just what I intend to do.

Fetish, hypnosis?  Sure.

Dominatrix?  Yes – control freak, thank you.

Playing a part?  Hell no.  I live it.  I love it.  I breathe it.  And teach it.

I want to show you.  It will be hard.  It will be painful.  Becoming aware is hard.  Why?  Because it shatters the illusion of what you were led to believe was truth.  Because I will make you think differently and change your perspectives.  Re-wiring your brain is not an easy thing to do.

Taking 20 minutes and getting you off?  That’s easy.

I don’t do anything easy.

And most of you will not even read further down the page.  Those of you who have decided to leave already will continue to remain trapped in your own version of reality – sheep.

I offer another way.  A different way.  An awakened way.  One that connects the mind, body, spirit and sex with no confinements, no dogma only that eventually coming out the other side, you will be more awake and aware.

Some background on me and what has gotten me here:

I once was a hypnosis fetishist only, greatly motivated and enthralled by BDSM.  I’ve been “in the scene” since 1996 so being at this awhile, one is bound (no pun intended) to make new discoveries, reach new conclusions, grow, change and evolve.  At least, I would hope so.  My evolution, though, is not so clear and not concise enough for me to explain in such a way that it can be understood by everyone.  To many it might sound like a contradiction.  It is complicated and intricate, personal and intimate.

For about a decade I had been trying to meld both meditation and hypnosis.  Meditation and out of body experiences are both something I have practiced since I was a teenager.  The confines of the erotic hypnosis community felt constrained and limited to where I was going and what I wanted to do and explore but I did not want to leave it behind – I still love it.  But it did not permit me to go beyond BDSM, fetish, dominatrix, etc. and was not something I felt I could successfully combine with what I was studying (meditation, Tantra, Reiki, Buddhism, Zen, etc).  I made several failed attempts.  But this time it works.  It feels right.  And it is time.

I if you knew me as Lady Inamorata – you may be revisiting me and expecting the same persona and you will be disappointed.

What I practice is no longer all about the distraction and simplicity of sex and fetishism.  Open your mind.  Be in the now.  Be in the moment.  Be willing to think outside the box – hell, be willing to think there is no box.

It’s no longer just sex or fetishism.  It has evolved.  Come with me.

I meditate with my subjects, place them in a perfectly relaxed and peaceful position.  I open their chakras and proceed to manipulate their body and open their minds until they are not just floating – but flying.

Sexuality is all part of it.  Orgasm after orgasm – it’s all good.  And healthy.  And spiritual.  And sexual.  But now it has evolved to a place that permits even more freedom.

I have finally come to the place where it all connects.  And I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  In this moment.

And I want to show you.  And teach you.  Through my  methodology and practice, I want to help raise awareness, awaken and open minds to stimulate inspiration and creativity combined with sensuality, sexuality, passion, desire.  Call it what you like – hypnosis, meditation, tantra, Reiki, mind control, altered consciousness… whatever.  There is no word for it yet, at least not one I’ve come up with.

It has to be experienced.  Come with me.

Open your eyes.  Open your mind.

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