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ivegotyouLady Inamorata… the reason you fell in love with erotic hypnosis.

I am interested in exploring the most erotic organ in your body…your mind.  The body cannot feel or experience anything until it is processed by the mind first.  So I want you to open your mind to me. I like to delve a little deeper… sometimes a lot deeper.  I am fascinated and passionate about the mind’s power over the body.  It is why I do what I do.

No matter your walk of life, geography, profession or belief system – we are all share the same condition. We are part of the human collective. 

Explore your bliss. Own it. Be honest about it. Explore your passion. Do not apologize for your truth.

How you react and what ignites your passion is unique to you and I want to get inside of your mind so that I might push those buttons. Raw, spontaneous and pure, without thought – only my voice, my guidance, my instruction.

Some of you have known me for a decade or more.  While to others, I may be new;  perhaps a few have heard of me or my reputation that may precede me.  My earliest beginnings into erotic hypnosis and BDSM were in 1996.  At that time, there were only a handful of other hypnodommes.

In early 2018, I fell ill and was hospitalized for nearly a month. I nearly died during that experience; admitted with bilateral pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome and streptococcus pneumoniae sepsis throughout my body (lungs, urine and blood). I was in the ICU and on a ventilator. The doctors were not hopeful. My medical saga continues but I will not burden you with such matters.  I am still recovering and in doing so, my greatest struggle is my own mind; conflicted to relive the horrors of that ordeal or to move on and forward.  I summon to me all who may be a potential devotee.  To pledge fealty and loyalty to me above all else.  I train them, mold them and shape them into my own need to be inside their minds – I feed on it.  I am more passionate than ever to move you, touch you, slip subtlety into your mind so that I might coax your truth from you. I am creating new hypnotic and meditative files and resuming sessions.

I have a youtube channel and my twitter feed hosts a daily hypnotic mental massage.  What you find here, on youtube and my twitter feed is free.  I ask for nothing in return.  If I provoke you to think, see from a different perspective, make you laugh or arouse you… it’s all good.  This is a passion of mine; has been since the mid 90s.  There are many ways in which you can thank me for all the free content I provide and you should do so as often as you can.  Visit my WishList  

ALL sessions are now only through NF – exceptions only for my devotees, who have access to me 24/7.   Call Button 

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