About me


I do not like talking about myself.

I like my subjects talking about me, though!

I am Inamorata – a nature lover, moon phase follower and fire scryer.  Truth be told, I am just a witch.  I have always been intrigued with the mind and its potential.  I have practiced out-of-body experiences and astral projection since my teenage years.  I have an insatiable craving to be inside the minds of others.  I am most comfortable as the dominant in a relationship and this where my experience with  hypnosis, guided meditation and Reiki are most enjoyable for me… and my subs.  I like to guide.  I like to be in control.

I literally want to get inside of your mind and explore; from the inside out transforming you, enhancing you and making the experience so sensual and tantalizing that you do not want to come up for air, that I will take residence inside of your mind and you will hear me in your dreams.

I had returned to online activity after a sabbatical early in 2016 but it was difficult to maintain with the hours my full time job required (most weeks working 45 hours or more). 

In early 2018 I fell ill and was hospitalized for nearly a month and nearly died during that experience.  However, I did not pass and as proof, I personally invite you to become a fan or follower.  I do not want to “get back” to where I was, I want to move forward.  I am back to create new hypnotic and meditative files, write and resume sessions.  I am grateful to be here and though the hospital stay left me with neuropathy and paresthesia in several of my fingers, I still manage to type – just extremely slowly. 

Pause.  Relax.  Take 3 deep breaths – in through your nose to the count of 4, hold it to the count of 4 and through pursed lips you may then exhale to the count of 4.  Do that 2 more times and we will begin…  I first want to tell you about deep breathing and why I ask you to do it… 

My clients prefer just to be hypnotized.  For them, NiteFlirt works best. 

My subs are sincere.  They are genuine in their quest to not only be hypnotized but to work with me on a regular basis.  I take care of my subs.  They are set up with goals, tasks and I generally hypnotize them at least once a week.  They have more access to me.  Their needs are met, their desires and fantasies.  They, in turn, permit me access not only to their fantasies but their dreams, short-term and long-term goals for themselves.  I enhance their lives.  

This is what sets me apart from other HypnoDommes.  I have a relationship with each and every one of my subs.  Distance and geography does not matter. With technology, we are able to communicate online often.  My subs have regular hypnotic sessions.  I am not only their distraction or fantasy.  I become part of their lives and they of mine.

Check out my Patreon page for more information.  I have free samples of my work you might also want to check out:  My YouTube channel and on SoundCloud. Keep in mind that anything I post for public view, is generally G or PG-rated.  The R and X-rated content I save for the files I sell (on NiteFlirt) and for phone sessions.  Where ever you visit, please be so kind enough as to like, comment and/or subscribe!

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