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I've Got you
I’ve Got you

My story

My story may be a lot like yours. I am part of the human collective and so are you. My previous version of this page was quite extensive and I realized – everyone has their own story. Suffice to say, after a huge edit – here is the synopsis. If you want to know more, ask.

Having been a hypnotist for 20+ years, my story begins with BDSM. My subs would often comment they would reach subspace even before play. I created an atmosphere that was relaxing and inviting (candles, incense, low music). As they knelt, blindfolded and naked, I would sit behind them speaking quietly, in almost a whisper, relaxing them with my voice.

Where do I stand regarding BDSM and hypnosis now? I now feed off my subjects when they reach subspace. I see myself as a catalyst between the cosmos and my subjects so they sense what I feel and see.

I use creative visualization and different methods to take them into the truest and purist trance they can experience. Ds is a part of me, so it naturally does come out during a session.

I am strictly online and phone (esp. since COVID). I can avail myself now more than ever to the online community through twitter and patreon.

When I am asked, ‘what type of sub are you looking for?’ I simply answer, ‘those who need me will find me,’ and since opening myself up to the cosmos like this, I have engaged with an even more broader audience than ever before.


  1. I truly want to be Yours. I want to be taken by You. I just found You and I believe that I am becoming addicted. I love Your style. Please take me Goddess. I want to confess to You. I want You to use my weaknesses against me. I want to go deep for You Goddess.
    Thank You Goddess.

      1. I will Goddess. I have never done Twittet but I will open an account for You. Thank You Goddess.

  2. so I saw that picture (or really looked at it) for the first time today and as i read the caption i felt my heart almost skip a beat and a sense of weakness inside

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