Lady Inamorata

Hypnoteuse, trance purist. Moon phase follower, nature lover, witch, aspiring herbalist, loves cats.

Being a witch and an aspiring herbalist, I love using flowers and herbs to make old-fashioned, traditional medicinals.. My gardens are still being established but wild violets come up every year. My daughter and I collected some violets in a jelly jar. When the jar…

Spring Violet Honey

Summoning up his courage, he wrote the owner of the website. The owner was a woman, who went by the name Mistress. Jack told her he had been greatly effected by the inductions. Mistress thanked Jack for his kind words. Feeling bolder, Jack asked ‘Have you ever made an induction that makes a person feel like they were wearing a ball gag?’

The Hypno Gag by van b. (erotica)

You cannot google experience to gain experience; experience has to be experienced.


Connections are made in so many ways! This weekend, I hope you’ll connect and/or reconnect with me. Download this mp3 or just put your headphones on, close your eyes and enjoy it here! This is a deep relaxation/meditative mp3 with creative visualization of water.. all…

Connect with Me



One of my favorite authors and speakers, I would like to introduce you to Jon Kabat-Zinn.
While you watch the video, pay close attention to Jon explaining one breath and bringing attention back to that one breath.

Jon Kabat-Zinn Defines Mindfulness

The best to approach meditation is to start small and slowly build. You can meditate while sitting quietly, lying in bed before sleep or even while you are working in your garden, doing laundry or dishes. You can meditate for 3 minutes or an hour. There is no predetermined time in which you have to meditate and there is no predetermined way you have to meditate.

Meditation: A Quick Overlook