Waste no more time for a tomorrow that never comes. Think about it. How much time do you waste worrying about something that never comes. It never does. While you are worrying about tomorrow, it takes away moments from today - the present, right here, right now. When you wake in the morning, it will not be tomorrow that you wasted time worrying about. It will be today. It is always today. The present. So live today. It is always today.

Premiere Wednesday….belated!

Though I am posting this on Thursday, dang it. It may still be new to some of you. This was premiered yesterday on my youtube channel. “Monkey Mind” is more a meditative file than hypnotic but you may experience a light trance. The monkey mind is the mind that won’t quit; thinks all the time,… Continue Reading

It’s almost Wednesday.

... hang in there.  It's not that it's just a Tuesday.  It's that it is still wintertime.  The days are cold, brisk and dreary.  When the tips of your toes or your fingers take forever to get warm.  And what's warm?  That warm bed is bloody difficult to climb out of in the morning.  Not enough sun.  Craving the sun.

TM [transcendental meditation]

s the body further becomes deeply relaxed, the mind begins to transcend all mental activity in order to experience the simplest form of awareness, which is the Transcendental Consciousness. This is the state where the consciousness is open to itself.