Beaver moon

Thoughts swirling and brainstorming late into the night and the stars are my light. Moon, oh moon, you shine so bright, I close my eyes and take flight.

week of the full moon

The moon’s effects date back to legends and mythology of ancient civilizations.  The full moon has been associated with strange behavior, heightened emotions and sleepwalking.  The lunar theory (the lunar effect) is the idea that there is some correlation between moon cycles and human behavior.  Many people dismiss myths concerning the influence of the moon, but real effects… Continue Reading

dark moon vs new moon.. revisited

Still having questions or not understanding Dark Moon versus New Moon?  Most calendars do not notate the Dark Moon. The Dark Moon completely disappears from sight every month when the Moon and the Sun line up above Earth.  The longitudinal alignment of both bodies means the sunlit face of the Moon faces away from our planet.  During… Continue Reading

the moon’s pull

It is early Saturday morning.  No, the moon is not yet full.  Though it will be full in 3-4 days.  Some of us feel the pull earlier than others.  Some of us do not.  But if you are connected in one way or another to someone who does feel the pull, you are likely to… Continue Reading

Dark moon

The dark moon refers to the end of the lunar cycle when the moon is absent from the sky. That is, the period of time between the fading of the old, waning crescent moon and the appearance of the young, waxing crescent moon. This can last for 1.5 to 3 days. The dark moon is… Continue Reading