Her Control (erotica)

Then with that most basic control in place, She deepened it.  Brought me in further with Her personal phone and in-person hypnosis.  She expanded Her control over my whole mind and body.  She knew i wanted it.  More and more i wanted it.  i chose Her.  At least i like to think that, but i really know She chose me.  She was always in control.

Premiere Wednesday….belated!

Though I am posting this on Thursday, dang it. It may still be new to some of you. This was premiered yesterday on my youtube channel. “Monkey Mind” is more a meditative file than hypnotic but you may experience a light trance. The monkey mind is the mind that won’t quit; thinks all the time,… Continue Reading

Punishment (erotica)

She insisted I kneel before her, naked with my head down, to tell her how and why I disobeyed her.  I always push her.  Is that the same as disobeying her? Hell, I didn't know.  I knew she could tell me.  She would tell me what to do and I should do whatever she said.  Why did I push?  Did I disobey? Really? 

subversion (poetry)

Once inside of your mind, I will spin a web of dreams. Your reality blurs. All is not as it seems. Smells are more fragrant, colors are brighter, foods more savory and your mood is lighter.

Obsession (erotica)

I felt so close to Her. Felt Her in my mind. Felt good in my mind. Felt good to do what She wanted. Yes, to submit is to obey. Obey Her. My submission transitioned into more. Into deeper senses. It went into wanting to do what She wanted. My mind dwelled on trying to understand what She wanted of me. I kept going back and doing all i could on Her site.