I may be silent but that does not mean I am gone.  Due to a series of unfortunate events, I am presently not able to use my arm/wrist and typing with one hand is not ideal.  Please bear with me during this process.  I appreciate the notes, gifts and messages of encouragement.  I will do… Continue Reading

guest post: peter

My name is Peter, I’m a 31 y/o hypnosub from Ireland. I have little bit of a story and it involves you. It’s nothing bad, I hope you don’t mind. When I was 18, I visited my older sister in America, and I learned about the wonders of the internet. The first thing I searched… Continue Reading

the dark moon

As I have previously posted, it is part of my spirituality that I follow the phases of the moon; the dark moon, the new moon and the full moon. Everything being connected, I ask that you respect my beliefs and not contact me in any way during the dark moon; on some calendars the “new… Continue Reading