Ways to contact me, support me in my efforts and interact:
–  I have started a Patreon page.  This allows you to actively support my creative endeavors.  My patrons learn much more about me than the general audience, so to speak.  Behind-the-scenes, if you will.  It is my patrons who I give the most thanks.  Their support means they not only want to benefit from my creations, they want me to create more.
–  My Amazon Wish List. Choose to send me a gift as an expression of thanks.  The items on the list are not just wishes but are needed.
–  Me on twitter (@inamorata_xx).  Follow me for announcements and interact with me there.
–  Join the Inraptured community.   You’ll find me visiting and maybe even in chat.
–  Finally, here.  My blog.  If you visit and find something of interest, please consider posting a comment or question.