devotee 101

What we do with our time depends on life. It depends on what is going on in our lives. What needs our attention is priority. I get that. I understand that. I am considerate and compassionate. Each one of you know this. My relationship with each of you is unique. You, as My devotee, have 24/7 access to me by having my home phone line (it is a landline and does not accept texts). You may call when you need.

The only online task that I request of you is to use twitter.  If I am not at my desk, I usually do not use any devices. I do not own a smartphone (want to get me one?). 

If I am away from my desk; therefore, do not feel you are being ignored or that you are being ‘shelved’.  When I return to my desk, your DMs will be answered first.  

You are to have as many followers as possible so that when you retweet me or reply to one of my tweets – your followers see it too and, thus, I have reached a bigger audience.


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