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Meditate and journal

This is not a requirement that as My devotee you meditate and journal; however, it will be of great benefit to you and to Me. Why? When you meditate you are training your mind.

You become a co-participant in your own hypnosis sessions with Me. How? You are conditioning your mind to be open, to be calm. You are conditioning your body to be still, receptive. When you journal about what you experience during meditation (even if it is just a few words or sentences), you can then look back and track your own progress. Would it please Me if you would meditate and journal regularly? Yes, very much.

If you do not meditate already – start slowly. You need no app. You need not sit in the lotus position. You need not follow any of the cookie-cutter recipes or tips to begin a meditative practice. Practice those wonderful deep breathing techniques I have taught you in many of my hypnotic videos.

Find a time that fits well with your schedule and do it. How much time you spend in meditation is of no matter. The fact that you are doing it is all that matters. Upon doing this regularly and making it a part of your daily routine, you will eventually come to the realization that not only do you enjoy that time of solitude but you will also recognize changes in yourself (others will notice them, too). I will let these come to you as they may, but they are by-products of meditating regularly. 

I am available to you if you would like some tips or even guide you in a meditative session or two. You may use the meditative mp3 files I will be posting under the 21/90 heading (above menu). This, however, is not about Me doing it with you or to you. It is about you doing it on your own. Do I want to see your journal? Only if you care to share. Your journal is for you.

Do this because it pleases Me. Do this because I know you will benefit.

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