devotees: preview first!

Tidbits and previews from ‘behind the scenes’ will appear here – for devotees first!  Be my inspiration, reply with your ideas, comments, suggestions, responses.  Always love to hear your ideas!


06/13/2019 – For devotees only ‘Discipline’ mp3

06/11/2019 For devotees only – preview first ‘WARNING’ mp3

06/09/2019 For devotees only – preview first ‘Deep Forest’


06/05/2019 For devotees only ‘Freedom in submission’ mp3


05/28/2019 For devotees only ‘Who Are You’ mp3


05/21/2019 For devotees only ‘Planting Triggers’ mp3


05/14/2019 For devotees only – ‘Blank Slate’ mp3 — after spending some time with the video I made on 05/10/2019, I changed it all up.  Decided it would not work for what I wanted to achieve.  Enjoy the mp3 and the video on youtube tomorrow!


05/10/2019 For devotees only – ‘Blank Slate’ (as suggested by E. Slav – here-forth my muse ♥) mp4 is music and video only (no voice)


05/06/2019 For devotees only – ‘Claiming You’ mp3


04/30/2019 For devotees only – ‘Rewire Your Brain’ mp3


04/28/2019 Clip from new video


04/28/2019 Possible background music


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