devotees: newer mp3s

When asked, most subs enjoy watching hypnotic videos but they still enjoy mp3s more. Why? Because the mp3s are portable. So, that is why my site will continue to be mp3 heavy. So next time, you can take me along! These files are not to be shared and are for personal use only. Do not listen to my files while driving.


soundbath mp3 

imprint mp3

lost in a dream mp3

mindlessness mp3 

bondage mp3

obedience mp3 

discipline mp3

warning mp3

freedom in submission mp3

who are you mp3

planting triggers mp3

blank slate mp3

claiming you mp3 

rewire your brain mp3


connections mp3
escape mp3
focus mp3
envision mp3
avalon mp3
winter mp3
fluid dreams mp3
little by little mp3
driven mp3
chapter 2


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