You are a candidate if you want to participate in more than watching/listening to videos and mp3s.  You want to be trained, you want to be taught, guided, given tasks and controlled.

My devotees are submissives are either submissive by nature or they are submissive while under hypnosis. My devotees are thrilled to fall for me and those 3 words bring them joy beyond all else. They want, need and crave to hear it. They enjoy going under not just for a “happy ending” – no, most are hypno-purists at heart; and want to fall deeper and deeper each time we have a session. A “happy ending” may be a part of it and it may not; depends on the session, depends on the individual.

My devotees invest time and effort into their training and sessions. Just as I devote my time and energies on each one of them – individually. It does take time away from your usual day-to-day; but my devotees know this, are aware of this and each one of our relationships are different. I expect you have different types of relationships with those you interact with, too, i.e. coworkers, family, friends, etc.

This is intense. I am intense. The experiences and feelings are intense and often the feelings come faster than one would expect. In fact, there have been a few who have left training because it ‘became too real’ or that ‘it was too intense’. It is a learning curve and you will not truly know until you begin. You will, if you request, be given twitter names of other devotees to get their ‘take’ – and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you have at any time.

As much as you crave, want and need this – so do I. You will come to understand this if you decide to participate with me as a devotee.

If you are still reading and are interested, here is how to proceed:

  • Instruction 1: Follow me on twitter: @inamorata_xx If it is such the case as you do not use twitter or you refuse to use twitter means that you cannot follow this first instruction. You are not a devotee candidate and are dismissed.

  • Instruction 2: All proper introductions are both written and by phone interview. You will write a formal introduction (3 paragraphs or less) to me here: // Part 2 of this instruction is to make an account or find me on NiteFlirt for your phone interview. The anonymity of the phone interview using NF is for both your safety as well as my own. This may end up being upwards of 3 calls (approx 30-40 min each) before I make my decision as to your final status. If you are unable to complete this instruction, you are not a devotee candidate and you are dismissed.

  • Instruction 3: Subscribe to my youtube channel. // Part 2 of this instruction is to find your favorite video, like it and post a comment. If you are unable for whatever reason, to complete instruction 3, you are not a devotee candidate and you are dismissed.

I expect these instructions to be done in a timely fashion – not in rapid succession mind you, but given the instructions are not terribly difficult, I would expect a week would be sufficient time to complete these 3 instructions for me. Any longer than that, you will lose my attention, be dismissed and have to do something pretty substantial to gain back my favor.

If you have decided at this point you are not a devotee candidate, then so be it. I wish you blessings on your travels and that you find what you seek.


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