For patrons

A patron is a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause or activity.

I have started Patreon page where I make posts regarding any new files; the creation process all the way from hand-selecting of the components, audio, video… I share my excitement or frustration about a project, etc., all with my patrons.  It is a long and sometimes painstaking process and my patrons now know all about it!  I then give them first preview at anything and everything new I create.  This is one of the perks of being a patron, getting to see from the ground floor, so to speak, the creative process.  They support me and  encourage me.

Because I have these patrons, I can take the time to make more creative works and purchase content if I need to.  Their contributions to my creative efforts have afforded me new software or upgrades to this or that.  I am, quite frankly, inspired and humbled by their support.

There are 5 different ways in which you can support me and my creative efforts – become a base patron, fan, follower, devotee or thrall.  You will see all of this in detail when you visit my Patreon page.

There are blog posts and/or pages here that are password protected only for the eyes of my patrons.

I hope you consider becoming my patron!

Just uploaded “Chapter 2” my new video for exclusive viewing by my patrons first.  It is not here, it is on my Patreon page.

Patron-only videos

Patron-only photo gallery

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