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A patron is a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause, or activity.

I have a Patreon page where I make blog posts and post audio and video files.  My patrons have more access to my content and, quite frankly, me.  Why?  Because my patrons see my potential or they have experienced something special in trance with me.  They support me, encourage me and want me to create more.  Maybe they just like me.  No matter, it ends up being a win-win because with my patron support, I can and do create more meditative and hypnotic files.  I am more inspired and more motivated because of my patrons and their support.  I have 5 ways in which you can help support my creativity; base patron, fan, follower, devotee and finally I as your key holder (meaning you work exclusively with me on a journey through which you and I give both effort and attention to achieve a goal).

There will be blog posts that are password protected.  On these pages my patrons have access to exclusive content.  I am appreciative of the patrons who choose to support me, my ideas and my creative works, I believe they deserve the exclusivity.

You, too, can become my patron.  I hope it is something you will consider.

Patron-only videos

Patron-only photo gallery

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