For the novice subject

Erotic hypnosis is often called recreational hypnosis; the practice of hypnosis for recreational purposes… many times used for stress reduction, reducing inhibitions and increasing sexual arousal…

Erotic hypnosis may enhance physical pleasure through mental stimulation.  In BDSM, erotic hypnosis can be used in a dominant and submissive relationship as a form of power exchange – the subject giving control to the hypnotist.

Hypnosis actually occurs several times throughout your everyday life to some degree.  Have you ever been so engrossed in a book you are reading that you do not hear someone call your name?  Been watching a movie and not heard the phone ring?  How about in a car?  Have you ever reached your destination and not remember the actual drive?  All of these are forms of light hypnotic trance.  Part of your brain was completely occupied and involved in something while another part of your brain was engaged somewhere else.

So, if all these degrees of hypnosis are attainable without assistance, why enlist me as your guide? Simple, you can only go so far through self-hypnosis (and meditation). Yes, self-hypnosis does work. You can, however, go deeper and further than you ever thought possible with a guide… a hypnotist. I liken it to being tickled. You can attempt to tickle yourself but it is not very effective. It requires someone else to do it to you if you wish it to be effective.

I came to erotic hypnosis through BDSM… placing my play partners into a relaxed state of mind before a session. Often times, they reached sub-space before play even occurred. This is not to say that hypnosis is synonymous with BDSM for me. I am a trance purist – I enjoy working with subjects to put them into trance for the love of the trance. Watching your eyes glaze over, your body relax and literally seeing the stress and tension float out of you. One of the biggest compliments I have ever received is when a subject actually fell asleep while in trance with me.

I am addicted to the empowerment I experience when working as a hypnotist, entering your mind and guiding you to a place deep within yourself where you can experience feeling without thought… acting and reacting on impulse without hesitation. Sharing with you the unique experience of the mind-body disconnect or mind-body connection and allowing you to free fall into an altered state of awareness. My passion is as deep and strong as yours.

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