At the moment, I am accepting new clients. Regular clients are preferred.  For the first few sessions, NiteFlirt will be used.  This is both for anonymity, safety and to take the time to establish what your goals will be during sessions; kinks, fetishes, etc.  After a few calls (2-3 calls approximately 20-30 minutes each), alternatives can be discussed if we are compatible; i.e., a gift card from my wish list for future calls. For sessions scheduled in advance, I will lower my NiteFlirt rate per minute for your call.

I do not do out-calls nor do I do in-person sessions at the present time.  Do not ask.

Skype calls are reserved to my devotees and close friends for the time being.  This may change upon different variants and this decision is made on a case-by-case basis.

I am not currently accepting new requests to become my devotee.  You may request an audience to be interviewed; however, I am overjoyed with the devotees that I have and I doubt anyone else could be of such caliber.



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