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A New Beginning (erotica)

A New Beginning by michael Feeling the roar of the engines, Michael stared out the window to the world he was leaving behind. The flat Texas landscape, so bland in the winter months he thought, was about to change as he left for a meeting with a woman he had only come to know as Inamorata. No longer was he…

Late at Night (erotica)

For the next few nights, my senses are on high alert. Where are you? Who are you? Then it happens again. I spring to the door of my office and just catch a glimpse of your white coat as you round the corner. Aha, you’re from the lab. I take the stairs down, not really knowing where to go. I get to the R&D floor. As I open the door, out of breath, I catch the faint scent of you, but I can’t tell where it’s coming from.

Ultimate Fantasy (erotica)

“I’ll do anything,” he whispered in a deep, soft voice. “Anything, absolutely anything you want …” A faint look of surprise spread across his face, as he realized what he was saying.

The Witch (erotica)

“A love type..love potion” He said lamely, not liking to be the butt of some joke. “You mean there are different types?” She chuckled softly under her breath. An evil sound that could make neck hairs stand up on end, and arouse other parts as well. “Of Course. Just as there are many different types of love. There are many different potions to bring it about” She leaned forward in her chair, nailing him with her dark blue hypnotic eyes.

Samhain (erotica)

He was so overwhelmed by the sensations, by Bridget’s words and naked beauty and raw animal sexual scent, that it didn’t seem to be really happening to him. His body was on auto-pilot, acting and responding without his direction. Falling now into the embrace of her arms and legs, so that to sight and sound and smell was added the enveloping sensation of touch, of her soft, smooth, warmth surrounding him.

Teach Me (erotica)

One day, when his tune was ended, a female voice spoke out, from the darkness of the trees. “That was beautiful. Play me another. It would please me if you did.”
The old man peered into the darkness, straining to see who had spoken. After a moment she appeared, taking a step from behind the nearest tree. As she moved into the glade the sun ignited her hair and the old man’s breath caught.

Cream Teas Cafe on a Rainy Day

All around her bed there were naked men trying to get near her, imploring and beseeching.   They were all on their knees, all wearing steel collars above their testicles, all chained by those same collars to the floor, and all with flaccid sexual organs, many of them huge.  She ran the back of her hand down the cheek of one of the men, and murmured something in his ear.