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A monkey mind is a chaotic place, a place that never stops, like a monkey jumping from tree to tree. Even when you try to quiet it, it won’t stop. I can help you quiet your monkey mind. Follow my instructions, follow my voice. Focus on my voice. Concentrate on my voice. Take deep breaths and relax your shoulders and neck.


Lend me your mind for a minute or two; surely in those mere moments, there is little I can do. Simply listen to my words, follow my voice; you will soon be aware that you have little choice. But perhaps you will push back and try to resist. I must tell you, I’m determined … and I will persist.

You come to me seeking escape … then escape you shall; to some place beyond time – outside your own rationale. Follow my lead, I will guide you henceforth; lowering your inhibitions to reveal your True North.

Once inside of your mind, I will spin a web of dreams; your reality blurs, all is not as it seems. Smells are more fragrant, colors are brighter; foods more savory and your mood is lighter.

‘Has this witch played some trick on me?’, you ponder. “Don’t struggle, my darling. Be calm, quiet; be still. No worries, fears or troubles – I will never take … your free will.

© Lady Inamorata


TickTock back in 2019, by request. This newer version of TickTock allows you to float effortlessly and deeply for me, closer toward the edge of bliss, closer toward oblivion with sublime ambient music and, of course, my voice. Follow my voice, follow my instructions… feel me and sense my presence.