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Yule/Solstice and the holidays..

I celebrate Yule (21st) and while others celebrate on the 25th, my celebration is over.  I also do not celebrate New Year’s – a witch’s New Year is Samhain (Oct 31st). I have spent the holidays in reflection, retrospection, introspection and sometimes unable to get outside of my own mind. I have ample time to spend in meditation, practice living…

I love October!

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Full Moons and Peace Fires

Light a candle and stare at the sky knowing that every single person will experience this full moon, just like you.  You are not one.  We are all connected.

Imbolc by Jay Moody

By Imbolc, the days have become noticeably longer since midwinter’s darkness as the sun continues to mature in the sky. The young earth is becoming fertile and the young sun begins to show signs of his virility. Seeds that have lain dormant in the earth will soon sprout. Life is becoming more active as the cold winter fades away.

just another day

By sharing a smile, I am not about to make a difference in the plague that has so many spewing hate, but I do it.  I do not believe in organized religion, so I practice as a solitary and on the full moons with peacefires.  The celebrated calendar is not my new year but I’m not offended by the majority watching (and shouting during) fireworks.  I do find myself eating pork, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut new years day.  In fact, I insist on it. 

The Generous Moon by Natalie Zaman

In the sky she remains, waxing and waning to remind us of the importance of generosity.  Sharing bounty is an important aspect of Mabon.  But need, as the Moon teaches, can happen at any time.  Sharing makes everyone richer.  Meditate on this truth under September’s Full Moon. 

Imperfect Witchcraft: Embracing Imperfect Witchcraft by Gretchen Little

  I grew up with wonderful parents who loved nature and I connected deeply with plants, animals, stars, thunderstorms, and so on before I was even born.  I didn’t want to “ascend”.  Even so, witchcraft scared me.  I had one book about it.  It scared me every time I opened it, even though it was more New Age-like. 


Traditionally, solstices have helped mark the changing of the seasons. However, today’s meteorologists officially use temperature records, not solstices or equinoxes, to draw lines between the seasons.