a gesture of thanks

Sending a gift is special. (By the way, my birthday is 10/04.) You send a token of appreciation without any expectation of receiving anything in return.  Those that send gifts just because are my favorites and I thank you for your generosity.

Everything on my wishlist is selected for a specific reason – these items serve to make my life easier.  When you send a gift from my wishlist, you are helping to care for me and I appreciate what that means.

Choose item/s [prices range from $400 down to $6] from my Amazon WishList [go there now]

Gift/tribute via NF
$100: [send it]
$75:   [send it]
$50:   [send it]
$25:   [send it]

Gift Cards made out to LadyInamorata@msn.com

Be sure to add your name [handle] to the gift card so that I may thank you personally!
Example: Donation from [your name] to say thank you. / A donation from [your name] to help you continue your creative efforts. 

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