My tribe

I believe my fanbase is the backbone of what I do publicly and I love to see my tribe grow!✨

I see you.  I feel you.  I love you and I invite you to join my tribe… Just [follow me on twitter]!

My sincere thanks for your support of my blog, my twitter feed, my youtube channel and instagram with your views, subscriptions, comments and feedback!  I adore each and every one of you!  ❤ It pleases me to see you interact and engage!

My DMs (direct messages on twitter) are always open for those with questions and/or comments either about hypno or about how you are doing during this tumultuous time.  Reach out if and when you need to.  You are not alone.

Lurk if you like, but the magic happens when you engage!

This is a safe space for you, for the the LGBTQ+ community – no judgement.  Be who you are.  Love who you love.  Show yourself some love and it will return to you.  I work with the universe to attract those who are of like mind.  Bias and bigotry are learned behavior – let yourself rise above and let yourself be seen and loved.

You are beautiful in every single way ~ Christina Aguilera

Thank you again for supporting my creative endeavors!



*note: my twitter feed features the Hypnotic Mind Massage of the day – these gifs and images were either made by me or made by others and this is a platform to host their work. If you see a gif or image that you would like removed or otherwise tagged as yours, contact me at If any of the gifs or images cause you discomfort in any way, I suggest immediate avoidance and reach out to me for a free session to resolve the issue for you. All downloads/viewing of anything I have posted here or elsewhere remain the intellectual property of Lady Inamorata. 


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